We can print and install interior & exterior wall graphics to suit almost any type of wall surface and location. Whether you require a print and install service or you need wall graphics designing too – we can help.

Offering bespoke wall graphic printing services with an eco-friendly touch, SOS Print & Design provides creative design wall graphic printing solutions from our London HQ.

Wall Graphic Printing

We design and print wall graphics for clients including schools, hospitals, retail outlets and office-based businesses. Offering personalised wall graphics services is something we’re extremely proud of. Keeping a close eye on attention to detail and fine-tuning late-minute tweaks to our graphic designs for walls is what makes our designs stand out from the rest.

There’s nothing we love more than seeing customers return, and we’re proud to have long-standing relationships with many of our clients. With quick turnaround times and in-house design, our team are on hand to guide you through each step of the process, from initial request to design and production of graphics for walls.

Due to their versatility and numerous advantages, vinyl wall graphics have gained significant popularity in business settings.

Here are some of the key benefits of incorporating vinyl wall graphics into the workspace:


Enhanced Branding and Identity

Utilising vinyl wall graphics provides a powerful means to fortify your brand’s identity within the workspace. By integrating your company logo, colours, and tagline onto the walls, you establish a cohesive and professional ambiance that aligns seamlessly with your brand image.

Ease of Application

Designed for effortless application, vinyl wall graphics minimise installation downtime. Moreover, their hassle-free removal capability ensures walls remain undamaged.

Boosting Morale

A well-designed and inspiring workspace can significantly influence employee morale and productivity. Vinyl wall graphics play a key role in fostering a motivating and uplifting environment that nurtures creativity and innovation among your team and visitors.


In business settings like offices, retail spaces, or educational institutions, vinyl graphics for walls prove invaluable for communicating crucial information, guidelines, or safety instructions. Serving as engaging visual aids, these graphics are easily comprehensible and memorable.

Our experienced and qualified wall graphics installers are based throughout the UK and offer a first class service for installation of the following products:

Cut Vinyl Lettering

Cut vinyl lettering involves individually cut letters, numbers, or shapes that can be applied to walls to display company names, quotes, or other text-based content. It offers a clean and professional look, enhancing branding and messaging within the environment.


Vinyl decals and stickers are versatile and easy-to-apply graphics that adhere directly to walls. They come in various shapes, sizes, and designs, allowing for customization of branding elements, artwork, quotes, or any other visual content.


Wall murals are large-scale graphics that cover entire walls or sections, creating visually impactful and immersive displays. They can feature intricate artwork, landscapes, photographs, or custom designs that transform a space’s ambiance and serve as eye-catching focal points.


Printed wall graphics encompass a wide range of custom-designed graphics that can be printed onto adhesive vinyl or other materials. They can feature company logos, promotional messages, product images, or any other visual content tailored to suit specific branding or informational needs.

Examples of custom printed wall graphics we have created for brands




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