Whether you require a print and install events graphics service or you need graphics designing too – our event graphics services can help with your event graphics.

Event Graphics Services London

Our commitment to excellence starts with a dedicated approach to comprehending every detail of your requirements, objectives, and vision. As part of our event graphics services, we take the time to engage in thoughtful discussions and consultations with you, valuing your input and preferences at every stage of the process.

Event Graphics Installations

Allow our skilled designers to bring your vision to life with a bespoke event graphic design that perfectly matches your requirements. With a team of experienced and qualified events graphic installers located throughout the UK, we guarantee a first-class installation service that ensures your events graphics are flawlessly and professionally applied.

Events graphics offer numerous benefits that can elevate the overall experience and impact of any event.

Here are four key advantages of using events graphics:


Branding and Identity

Events graphics provide a valuable opportunity to showcase your brand and create a strong visual identity throughout the event. From banners and backdrops to signage and promotional materials, strategically placed graphics reinforce your brand message, making it more memorable for attendees.

Visual Appeal

Events graphics add vibrancy and visual appeal to the event space, making it more inviting and captivating for attendees. Eye-catching graphics can draw people’s attention, increasing foot traffic to different areas and boosting engagement with event offerings.


Events graphics play a vital role in providing essential information and directions to attendees. From event schedules and agendas to directional signage, they help guide participants and ensure a smooth and enjoyable event experience.


Well-designed events graphics create aesthetically pleasing backgrounds for photo opportunities. Attendees are more likely to take photos in front of attractive graphics, resulting in increased social media sharing and extended exposure for your event and brand.

Here are three types of events graphics we commonly install which are used to enhance and elevate various types of events:

Banners and Backdrops

Banners and backdrops are large-format graphics that serve as focal points at events. They can display event branding, sponsor logos, key messages, or eye-catching visuals that create a visually appealing backdrop for stages, booths, or photo opportunities.


Event signage includes directional signs, wayfinding graphics, and informational displays strategically placed throughout the event space. They guide attendees to different areas, provide event schedules, and convey essential information to enhance the event experience.


Floor graphics are adhesive graphics placed on the floor, adding branding, decorative elements, or directional cues. They can be used to lead attendees to specific locations, create immersive experiences, or showcase event themes.

Examples of custom printed event graphics we have created for brands




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